Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Does Humour belong in music?

About three and a half thousand years ago, high above a bluff
over looking the most forward thinking city in the world at that time, that of Ancient Athens,
sat a young man called Socrates, or "Socks" to his friends.

That would be his English friends of course, I don't know what his Greek friends would have called him... "Hosen"  perhaps...
no that would be his German friends..
Anyway I digress..

One afternoon while Socks was pondering one of life's inponderables, some of his friends....his English ones, came up to the mountain-side to ask Socrates, the question that had been burning the lips of the citizenry of Athens for weeks now.

They bent low to his ear, as he appeared to be in some self-induced trance, and they didn't want to disturb him out of such a state, but they just had  to know..

Standiupkus, the most gentle of all the party so assembed, finally said, "SOCKS" man we gotta know!  
Does Humour belong in music? 

After much soul searching, and contemplation, Socks turned to his legion and said
"Of course.....He's a great singer,  how could you play any music without such sweet sounds"

His followers scratched their heads, puzzled at the apparent ineptitude of one of the greatest thinkers of all time, until Harmonyonus the most impatient one finally clicked.

NOT Omar you idiot.......HUmour..........Does Humour Belong in Music?

So ends today's lesson.

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