Friday, 8 June 2012

When Should a Musician Retire?..A Speculation

I recently saw, like many of you, the Queens Diamond Jubilee a couple of days ago, and was struck by some of the so-called celebrities and legends that were performing for the concert.

I’m sorry to say but, Sir Paul McCartney, your time has come. You can’t hit those high notes anymore, and hearing you take a shot at them, had me cringing in my seat.
And don’t even get me started on your bass playing! You never could play that!

Seriously man, you don’t need the money, so why subject us to this endless attempt at reliving your past glories.  There are many extremely capable musicians around that could benefit from the exposure that you are still taking up,  like a rusty old pick-up in a redneck's front yard.

I don’t just feel strongly about Sir Paul, I also get really upset, at some of the so-called “talent” out there, whose only claim to fame is having a tight arse, or being surrounded by out of sync dancers, to take your concentration away from realising that the artist is nothing  but a “hack”,  who the record companies think will be the new thing.  The trouble with that is…the next thing they are looking for, is essentially a  copy of whatever is hot at the moment. That’s what you get when you apply a business model to the music industry. Music is not a business, it is an art form, and should be handled as such.

 So in conclusion..Paul..if you read this…please for the sake of art….go play some golf or something!