Sunday, 11 March 2012

My first official RANT of the year (many more to come)!

Every morning I read the newspapers, watch the news and start my day frustrated, upset and angry at the injustice done in the world.

I watch with growing disbelief, the ignorance of certain people, the greed and hunger for more power, more money, more of everything.

If only I could write lyrics to express my feelings about all this, but I don't. 
Hence my venting corner on here.

Here are my thoughts in a "nut"shell:


I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of the constant lying in this world.
Politicians lie and twist their explanations without ever taken responsibility for their actions.

A lot of people around us do exactly the same, big shot managers, greedy money grabbers, corporate companies...  all lie to keep their shareholders happy.



  • I do believe in TRUE democracy but I really need to see the first country where you can find it. If you live there let me know.
  • I don't believe in preaching freedom for people when you lack every respect for their native culture.
  • I do believe in peaceful communications and understanding reasons for miscontent.
  • I don't believe in violence to settle a disagreement.
  • I do believe in creative minds and free spirits. 
  • Far too many people lose their spirit when society forces them into the sheep stream, the rat race, the socially acceptable box..
  • I admire all of you who do not want to be part of a community who blindly follows the leader.
  • I admire all of you who strive for a goal the hard way, sticking to convictions, struggling uphill but keeping true to yourselves.
  • I do believe that rich people help rich people and mostly themselves to get richer.
  • And therefore I would like to start a new movement where non-money-having people help one another to make a living, without having to sell their souls and free spirit.
  • It's called TRUE democracy!


I believe that most of the wars in history have been caused by religion.
As a result I do not believe in organised religion. (does that make me a bad person?)

But I do respect the people who do.  If it is something that you need in your life, by all means, have it in your life, belief in it, get strength from it, ... BUT do not force your beliefs onto me.  

I do strongly believe in moral values such as respect, loyalty and above all honesty.  I help others in need whenever I can regardless of their sex, orientation, race, culture or beliefs. (am I still a bad person ?)


The current corporate crap is slowly killing us all in one way or another. There is no need for statistics to prove that most people are stressed out, unhappy and unhealthy as a result of it. 
The cause : globalisation, the hunt for ever expanding businesses and profits demanded by shareholders.

24/7, bottom line, at the end of the day... there is the night and we should all be able to put down our heads and sleep.

Businesses will not cease to exist when they are not open around the clock. Customers will still be there...

Try being to a perfect stranger, just a smile will do.
Bring some warmth back into this cold greedy world.
 - small efforts go a long way :)


I am against the corporate world who does everything to gain more profit regardless of the consequences 
for nature or humanity.

I sincerely believe that our energy problem can be reduced if people can open their minds to energy efficient alternatives to build houses/cars/buses and trains rather then using energy greedy materials and having to look for more energy producing resources.

Energy savings and reduction of waste should start at the source, with the manufacturers... not leaving it up to the consumers to clean up a mess THEY have originated.  


Hey, and yes I do believe humour belongs in music, in politics, in love, in every aspect of life. Don't take yourself too serious, there is no time for that!

Have fun, have a laugh, enjoy life!
Remember, there is always someone worse off than yourself.

There... that's off my chest !

And you know what... you are absolutely free to like or dislike it.


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